The Path to Development

November 6, 2006

Just another blog? Not quite.

This blog is an experiment on life. The purpose is to share information that develops character, personality and one’s system of beliefs. We’ll do this by harnessing the power of progressive thoughts and integrating them into our daily lives.

How it works

A new progressive idea or concept will be introduced the first Sunday of every month. We will have one week to discuss the idea and understand the concept. We will then try to implement the idea in our lives during the following two weeks. The goal is to practice the idea in our everyday lives. The final week of the month will be used to reflect on the experience — how the idea shaped our lives — and decide whether or not we will continue implementing the concept in our lives. We will repeat this process every month.

For example:
Sunday, January 1 — Concept #1 is introduced for discussion
Sunday, January 8 — Concept #1 is implemented in everyday life
Sunday, January 22 — Concept #1 is reflected upon

Sunday, February 4 — Concept #2 is introduced for discussion

Who can take part

Join a group of individuals that are revolutionizing personal development. Most personal development blogs only discuss issues. We put emphasis on implementing by having a system of action and feedback.

Stop procrastinating and change the way you live! Life is an art and science. You owe it to yourself to master both aspects of it. Together, we can do it.